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Significant Mother - Welcome to Bonetown
Exclusives!/The Originals

EXCLUSIVE! Nathaniel Buzolic Talks Significant Mother and Kol’s Potential Return on The Originals

The talented actor chats about his new comedy series and teases Kol's potential return on The Originals.

Alloy Entertainment interview with Chris Wood about Nina Dobrev's farewell episode

EXCLUSIVE! Chris Wood’s Favorite Memory of Nina Dobrev Will Leave You in Tears (Of Laughter)

Get ready to burst out laughing over his hilarious anecdote about his TVD co-star!

Kai at Jo and Alaric's Wedding

EXCLUSIVE! Chris Wood Talks Cordon, Bonkai, & Bloody Showdowns in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale

Believe it or not, according to this TVD actor, Kai Parker is only getting warmed up....

jessica and kat

Exclusive: Jessica Lowery Reveals How ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Inspired Her Business!

Find out how one woman's passion for TVD paved the way to an award-winning business!

Claire Holt as Officer Tully in Aquarius
Exclusives!/The Originals

EXCLUSIVE: Claire Holt Talks Aquarius & Missing The Originals

The talented actress spills deets on her empowering new television role!

Maisie Richardson-Sellars, Danielle Campbell, and Leah Pipes
Exclusives!/The Originals

EXCLUSIVE: Maisie Richardson-Sellers Teases Rebekah’s Upcoming “Battle” in The Originals!

Find out what the actress dished about Bex, Kol, and her upcoming projects!

Vampire Diaries on twitter
Exclusives!/Fan Art

‘Vampire Diaries’ Twitter Hashtags: The Complete List!

Take a look at the complete list and relive the most brilliant fan comments!

caroline and sheriff forbes

Exclusive! Caroline Dries Talks Caroline Forbes, Cancer, & The Vampire Diaries Season 6

See what the executive producer revealed about the show's upcoming storylines.

Camille O'Connell - The Originals Seeason 2 character card
Exclusives!/The Originals

Leah Pipes Teases Cami’s Involvement with The Originals Family in Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

See what the actress revealed about Cami's role in the Mikaelson family's saga.

Sebastian Roche

Sebastian Roché Talks Liam Neeson, Mikael, and The Originals Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

The talented actor discusses his new thriller with Liam Neeson and teases Mikael's next move on The Originals!

The Originals Book 1: The Rise
Exclusives!/The Originals

The Originals Book 1: Preview Six Chapters from THE RISE! (EXCLUSIVE)

Sink your teeth into the first six riveting chapters from The Rise!

Michael Malarkey as Enzo on TVD Season 6

Michael Malarkey Teases Enzos Return on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – EXCLUSIVE

Check out our exclusive interview with Michael Malarkey to learn all about his character's upcoming quest!

Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Diaries Season 6

Candice Accola Teases Caroline’s Future and Relationships in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 – EXCLUSIVE

Click through to see what Candice Accola had to say about Caroline Forbes's future on The Vampire Diaries!

Michael Malarkye releases a five-song EP.

Exclusive Interview: Michael Malarkey Talks Music, Lyrics, and The Vampire Diaries Season 6!

The talented actor opens up about his music, tour, and working on TVD!

Love You To Death - Vampire Diaries companion guide by Heather Vee and Chrissy Calhoun
Exclusives!/Fan Art

Exclusive Interview: Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee Discuss New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Book & Favorite Show Moments

Join Heather Vee and Chrissy Calhoun, co-authors of Love You To Death 5, as they discuss their favorite Vampire Diaries moments!