Will Damon & Stefan Ever Forgive Lily? Annie Wersching Reveals The Truth (EXCLUSIVE)

Annie Wersching as Lily Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries - exclusive interview

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In season 6, when Vampire Diaries fans learned that Stefan and Damon’s mother, Lily, was alive and trapped in a wintry prison world, they rejoiced. Images of big, bear hugs, Sunday night pancake dinners, and their mom sharing embarrassing stories from their childhood, sprang to mind. Their reunion was going to break our hearts in the best way possible. After all, they missed each other dearly and had a lot of lost time to make up for — what could possibly go wrong? Um, EVERYTHING.

See, not only did the Salvatore brothers discover that their mom had abandoned them the instant she sprouted fangs, in search of a much better life, but she also — without an ounce of shame or regret — confessed that she preferred the company of a bunch of witchpires to theirs. The truth stung like a slap to the face, and Damon and Stefan quickly found themselves at odds with their matriarch, the woman who was supposed to love and care for them unconditionally. Basically, the instant they realized Lily had replaced them with a new family, there’s been nothing but hurt and anger between them.

On that note, there might still be hope yet for them in terms of a proper reconciliation! According to Annie Wersching, Lily is starting to experience pangs of guilt — especially now that she knows that Julian is an awful being and that she essentially chose a madman over her sons; she feels terrible for putting them through hell, and wishes to make amends with them.

Will they all be able to set their differences aside and trust each other again? Instead of punishing her, will Damon and Stefan let bygones be bygones and focus instead on maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with her? Check out our exclusive interview below for the full details!

Alloy Entertainment: What has surprised you most about Lily’s arc in season 7? Have you had any misconceptions about her?
Annie Wersching:
I don’t think I’ve had any misconceptions about her. I mean, as far as her arc in season 6, she was so focused on freeing her Heretic family from the prison world and getting them back in order to feel whole. Thus, season 7 is different in that she’s living in a world that has both the heretics and her sons, and her goal is to make it all work. I think it’s important for Lily to confront and think about the choices she has made in her life that sort of led her to where she is — whether it has been good or bad. I have really enjoyed learning more about these discoveries.

Alloy Entertainment: We love gathering bits and pieces about Lily’s past in flashback episodes, and Ian Somerhalder recently teased that he’s working on a very Damon-centric Civil War-themed episode. Will this be an important episode for Lily since she would have been around at the time?
Annie Wersching: In the Vampire Diaries, people show up in all different areas, right? [Laughs] So, you never know where Lily is going to pop up exactly, but I definitely got a chance to see some of the Civil War stuff and it is just a beautiful, haunting, breathtaking script and episode.

Alloy Entertainment: When Lily was first introduced in season 6, we had such high hopes for a lovely Salvatore family reunion. Alas that is not the case seeing as how the boys recently tied their mom up during Thanksgiving. However, it seems as though Stefan is starting to warm up to his mother. Will we get to witness any tender interactions between the two of them, or will it take a while for him to forgive her for abandoning him?
Annie Wersching:
Well, you know, it’s so interesting because Stefan and Damon have such a contrasting view of Lily. Like you said, Stefan is starting to warm up to her a bit — especially now that he’s learned what her life was like with Giuseppe. There was a lot of stuff that the kids didn’t know, like how she was planning on leaving her husband and whisking them away. I think he has developed some empathy for Lily. And actually, in tonight’s episode [“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”], you’ll get to see one of my favorite TVD scenes from the whole year. It’s such a beautiful, special Stefan-and-mom scene in which he asks her for some advice and they have this amazing talk. They truly have a mother-son bond, even through all of this mess.

Damon, of course, is a different story. [Laughs] He harbors such hate and resentment towards Lily and really shows no signs, whatsoever, of forgiveness. Her relationships with each of her sons right now is like night and day, but she would really like for both of them to come back into the fold. As of now, though, it seems only Stefan is on board with that idea.

Annie Wersching via Instagram

Annie Wersching via Instagram

Alloy Entertainment: While it’s been heartbreaking to witness so much tension between the Salvatores and their mom, in Damon’s defense, Lily did sort of have a hand in temporarily separating him from Elena. Had she not helped Kai escape, the wedding massacre might not have happened and Elena wouldn’t be in a magical coma. That being said, even though Lily didn’t have any idea Kai was so deranged and only assisted him to get her Heretic family back, do you think she feels any remorse for what she did? Will she ever make this right with Damon?
Annie Wersching:
I actually think this is one of the top things on her agenda, along with getting rid of Julian and unlinking herself from him.
Aside from those two things, she wants peace for Damon. She can see how much his hatred for her eats him up inside. She wants it for herself as well, of course, but he’s her son and doesn’t want him to be so angry and vengeful all the time. One of her biggest priorities, and even in episode [7×08], she tries to really, truly, genuinely apologize for not being there for him and all the pain she’s caused him.

Alloy Entertainment: Speaking of Julian, Lily has agreed to team up with Damon and Stefan to take him down. However, the promo for TVD episode 7×08 is freaking us out a bit. It literally says “one lives, one dies.” With Lily having to choose between a Heretic and her actual child, will her decision shock fans? How will she deal under the pressure of having to make such a tough choice?
Annie Wersching:
It’s a lot of pressure for her, and it’s exactly what her sons have been wanting this whole time, Damon in particular. Before he wrote her off completely, he was like, ‘Look, you have to choose — and how are you NOT choosing us?’ And so she’s tasked with this incredible burden and typical Vampire Diaries fashion, it doesn’t go as planned and there’s a little bit of devastation here and there.

Alloy Entertainment: Just a *little* bit of devastation — no big deal!
Annie Wersching:
Laughs] I know, right?

Julian and Lily slow dance in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 8 - spoilers for "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"

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Alloy Entertainment: TVD is known for its love triangles, so we’re not surprised that Mama Salvatore has one brewing between herself, Julian, and Enzo. As an actress, how do you approach scenes with such different love interests?
Annie Wersching:
Todd Lasance and I — we try so hard to capture Julian and Lily’s sort of huge, epic love story in our short time of working together. And then with Lily and Enzo, there’s always been this strange connection between the two and you didn’t exactly know quite what it was. Is Enzo one of her children? Is it more? Does he have feelings for her and does she feel anything for him in return? They’ve always had this strange bond. Interestingly enough, in [episode 7×08] Lily gets to see a new side to Enzo and what could have been. I think if Enzo had professed his love for Lily before Julian was back in the picture, things could have been different. But, there’s a really great scene between Lily and Enzo — he turns on the charm and is relentless in his pursuit of her. [

Alloy Entertainment: Something definitely sparked in Lily when she found that she almost became a grandmother but that Julian had robbed her of the opportunity. Now that Caroline is pregnant, will Lily sort of seize the chance to dote on little ones, even if they aren’t technically Stefan’s?
Annie Wersching:
Earlier I mentioned that Stefan asks Lily for advice and it’s actually about this very subject. [
Laughs] It’s like, ‘Hey, my girlfriend is pregnant. What should I do, mom?’ And then they have this special, moving heart-to-heart. So, in a way, she does get involved in the pregnancy storyline, mostly in terms of helping Stefan decide what to do.

Alloy Entertainment: And while we’re on the subject of parenthood, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about being a mom from playing Lily, whether it’s a good or eye-opening thing?
Annie Wersching:
I feel like I’ve definitely learned a great deal from Lily. [
Laughs] We’re completely different, of course, but in this episode, she actually reflects a lot on motherhood — on where she went wrong and what she could have done better. What struck me most is just how selfless you have to be as a mom, which was hard for Lily to do because she was so caught up with Julian and this new life she found as a vampire. So, Lily helps me remember that it’s all about the kiddos — their needs should always come before yours.

Are you excited to see Lily try to make things right with her boys? Do you think she’ll inspire our beloved Salvatores to greatness or will she once again wreak havoc on their lives? Share you thoughts in the comments!

For more updates on The Vampire Diaries and Annie’s upcoming projects, follow her on twitter at @wersching. And be sure to catch an all-new episode this Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on THE CW!

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