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TVD Doppelgangers: Nina Dobrev versus Alexandra Chando

Nina Dobrev and Alexandra Chando

In Mystic Falls, doppelgangers are a rare occurrence but they do exist. In Hollywood, doppelgangers are a tad more common but spotting one is as equally thrilling. We’ve already noted the similarities between Nina Dobrev and various young starlets, including Victoria Justice and Emmanuelle Chiqui. However, we’re excited to report that a brand new look-alike just sprang up and her name is Alexandra Chando!

In the strangest coincidence ever, Alexandra Chando and Nina Dobrev share more in common than just their beautiful long hair and doe brown eyes. They actually both auditioned for the role of Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. Obviously, we know who won out in the end but don’t feel too bad for Alexandra–she’s starring as long-lost, identical twins Emma Beckerand Sutton Mercer on The Lying Game, a dark, suspenseful series that premieres tonight at 9/8 c on ABC Family. (Talk about ironic! She’s playing two completely different roles on The Lying Game—much like Nina does as Elena and Katherine!)

Can you spot the similarities between these two talented actresses? Who else do you think resembles Nina? Leave your doppelganger suggestions in the comments!