Songs from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 8×02: “Today Will Be Different”

Bonnie and Enzo kiss in The Vampire Diaries episode 8x02 - listen to songs from "Today Will Be Different"

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If your heart is aching for some quality new tunes to match your every mood, look no further than The Vampire Diaries episode 8×02 playlist. Between the throwback love songs and the upbeat tracks that will fill you with hope, “Today Will Be Different” was packed with a handful of unforgettable tracks that you’ll want to keep on replay. Scroll down to listen to each of one of them!

"All The Way" by Billie Holiday

Sybil (Nathalie Kelley) sings a cover of this classic jazz number to lure the arms dealer Damon brought along into the swimming pool — and then drowns him.

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"Stubborn Love" by The Lumineers

This lovely melody streams as Caroline updates Elena on all recent life happenings, including how she’s moving into the Salvatore boarding house and Enzo has been dropping breadcrumb clues along the way for Bonnie to find.

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"Put Your Hands Up" by The Struts

The rock track is used during the road trip scene. While driving to North Carolina, Stefan and Caroline inform Bonnie about Sarah Nelson’s connection to the Salvatore family – namely that she is their secret niece, whose pregnant mother Damon killed.

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"Rebirth" by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

The sweet song plays during a heart-rendering interaction between Caroline and Bonnie. After Bon Bon admits that she feels oh so alone without her beau by her side, Care Bear hugs her friend and promises that they’ll save Enzo together. It also plays as Stefan reveals that Sybil killed Sarah Salvatore, and when Alaric returns home his daughters and Seline (the hot nanny) after a long day at work.

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"Nobody But You" by Charles Bradley

This song starts to stream when Enzo returns to the indoor pool and finds Sybil and Damon feeding on their latest victim. Before he can utter one of his usual quips, Damon vamp speeds right at him and plunges his hand into Enzo’s chest, allowing Sybil to catch him off guard and see what her henchman has been hiding from her. The answer? His undying love for Bonnie Bennett.

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"Changing Tides" by The Fray

This beautiful track, which was also used in the TVD goodbye video that was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, plays when Stefan presents Caroline with a sparkly engagement ring and asks her to marry him.

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In your opinion, what was the most memorable music scene from “Today Will Be Different”? Sound off in a comment below!