Songs from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 8×01: “Hello, Brother”

Steroline in The Vampire Diaries episode 8x01

The CW

Wondering what tracks were spinning when Damon reminisced about the first time he met Elena on a lone, dark road one fateful night – or when Stefan and Caroline exchanged a blissful kiss and some words of encouragement? Below you’ll find the full playlist for The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiere! Scroll down to listen to songs from “Hello, Brother”!

“I Am A Nightmare” by Brand New: This track plays during the opening, as a young couple drives a long, dark stretch of road and run into Damon and Enzo.

“Run Run Blood” by Phantogram: This music moment occurs as Damon and Enzo lead the young couple into their warehouse of nightmare, compel them to admit their greatest sin, and then promptly kill them.

“Separated” by Robot Koch feat. Mree: This bittersweet melody starts to stream when Stefan reveals to Bonnie that he’s worried Damon will never forgive him for urging him to become a vampire. Bon Bon consoles him by telling him that there’s still hope; it’s not too late to save Damon and Enzo before darkness consumes them whole.

“Doing It To Death” by The Kills: The song can be heard during the scene when Damon and Enzo take in an art show and confront the sadistic painter who kills people and uses their blood in his creations.

“The Wreck of Our Hearts” by Sleeping Wolf: This plays during the heart-rendering montage at the end — when Stefan writes in his journal and informs Elena that even though hope hurts, he wants to believe there is still some humanity left in Damon. It also plays as Damon falls asleep and dreams about the first time he met Elena.


So, fang fans, what was your favorite music moment of the night? Sound off in the comments!