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TVD Fans Turn Their Love for Delena into an Incredible Comic Series

At this point, it goes without saying that Vampire Diaries fans never cease to amaze us with their dedication to the character and series. They are a talented bunch and we’re always eager to see what sorts of creative projects viewers come up with! As for the latest admirable expression of love for the supernatural world of Mystic Falls? It comes in the form of a comic series, written by the fans for the fans, that make all of their wildest Delena dreams come true.

Delena Comics are a series’ of comic panels that fuses fanfiction with incredible artwork and they’re basically a testament to what happens when viewers join forces to create something beautiful. The idea was headed up by Jas (DE_FTW), who put out a call for budding writers and artists to come together to turn this panel project into a reality. “We work as a team,” Jas told us exclusively. “For each strip, we post we like to rotate the artists and writers so everyone gets a turn. Our goal is to create an actual comic book and hopefully rotate it around so we can get Ian, Nina and Julie to sign it. The strips are just the beginning, we want to take this further.”

We also reached out to some of the participants involved with the illustrations and storylines to see why this venture is so meaningful to them. Artist RakefetMaler told us, “I’ve always liked drawing comic strips and the thought that one day I could publish my works only gave me more motivation to do it. Doing this project made me experience what it’s like to work with an author and draw original dialogue. It really pushed me further to make the best out of it and I really liked the outcome.”

Delena comics - Vampire Diaries fan art


“It always means so much to me when someone takes the time to look at my art and call it a gift,” adds artist Cam16Dc, in reference to her involvement with DE Comics. “Being able to help in bringing my favorite ship to life was something that I was so happy to take part in doing.”

The team that makes these comics happen are die-hard fans just like you, which means they have their own opinions on the show’s various couples, just like anyone who tunes in. As far as what it is about Damon and Elena’s romance that resonates deeply with writer Morgan (@morvamp), it’s the fact that their relationship had plenty of time to develop. “They weren’t rushed,” she commented, “The writers ended up taking their time in the relationship development from foes to friends to lovers therefore building a deep, meaningful and authentic connection that fans appreciate. Their nontraditional way of bringing out the best in each other is what really makes us fall in love with this couple.”

Writer Luke (@eldestdamon) also appreciates that the couple wasn’t rushed, and says that Damon is the character who initially pulled him into the series. “Damon Salvatore was what really drew me into the show because you start off meeting a man who revels in the kill and relishes in the monster that he is low and behold this girl, Elena is able to show that there is a man beneath the monster. Bit by bit she snuck past his defenses and brought his dead heart back to life. What I appreciated most is they weren’t rushed. They shared in so many physical and metaphorical tangos before finally getting it right and meeting in the middle. They are the light to each other’s darkness and they bring out the best in each other. Elena is the girl before the doom and gloom and before the accident and Damon is the man he was back when he was human. How can you not root for two strangers who met on a road not knowing they were actually standing face to face with their very soul mate?”

We know you’re ready to check out their incredible images already, so scroll on down for a closer look!

1.) Of Love and Scars

Writer: @4ever1stLovesFF Artist: @DELENASANAL

2.) Theatre Mayhem Part 1

Writer: @EldestDamon Artists: @sm0lderhalders & @EldestDamon

3.) Theatre Mayhem Part 2

Writer: @EldestDamon Artist: @sm0lderhalders #DelenaComics

4.) It Cleared Up

Writer: @EldestDamon Artist: @Cam16Dc

5.) Any Dream Will Do

Writer/Artist: @EldestDamon #DelenaComics

6.) Hey Jealousy

Writer: @morvamp Artist: @DELENASANAL

7.) Checking Grades AU/AH

Writers: @delenasdragon & @delena_shamrock Artist: @widow_elena

Impressed? Well, there’s a whole team of fans that help make this possible. Check out some of their social media accounts below:

Writers: @delenasdragon, @delena_shamrock, @morvamp, @4ever1stLovesFF,@khyleesi_, @EldestDamon
Artists: @widow_elena, @sm0lderhalders , @DELENASANAL (yeah you read that right) , @RakefetMaler , @Cam16Dc

If you want to see more comic panels, head on over to the DE Comics Twitter page.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of DE Comics in the comments!