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Preview Trailer for Vampire Diaries Episode 3.03, “The End of the Affair”

It’s here–another Thursday, which means another Vampire Diaries for everyone to sink their teeth into! And, according to Vampire Diaries cast members Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley,  it’s by far one of the best flashback eps.

So what can you expect tonight in terms of Stefan’s descent into darkness, Delena’s ongoing investigation, and Caroline’s detainment? Julie Plec some insight on TVD episode 3.03: “We get to see just what the real ripper Stefan was back then. And it’s big-easys and flappers and champagne flowing…We get to see a whole new side of Stefan.”  Learn more in the preview trailer below:

Questions based on the preview trailer for “The End of the Affair”:

  1. Exactly how crazed and vicious will ripper Stefan be?
  2. We finally meet Rebekah–one of Stefan’s former flames! How big of an influence will she play in his life?
  3. No mention of Katherine Pierce in the trailer but will we see her in any of the flashbacks?
  4. Will Caroline’s father actually torture his own daughter? What cruel tactics will he use to “fix” her?
  5. Is Gloria a good witch…or a bad witch?

Now it’s YOUR turn! Which of your big-time TVD questions do you hope gets answered in  “The End of the Affair”? Tell us below and don’t forget to tune in for an all-new Vampire Diaries episode at 8/7c on The CW!