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Preview for TVD Episode 3.03, “The End of the Affair”: Night of the Ripper

Stefan Salvatore’s always been the “good” guy (as good as bloodthirsty vampires can get, that is). For many years, he’s done his best to help people rather than shredding them to bloody bits. However, all it took was a little peer pressure from Klaus in season 2 and Stefan was back on the “your neck is my chalice and I shall drink deep” bandwagon.

So far in TVD season 3, Stefan’s shown some restraint, and Damon even mentioned in “The Hybrid” that there’s still hope for his little bro. But will Stefan soon completely give in to his dark side? Check out his lunatic side in this preview for “The End of the Affair“:

Damn, that’s a long list of victims! Full-blown ripper Stefan makes Season 1 Damon look like as docile as a teddy bear. Do you think that crazy killer Stefan will officially come out to play in episode 3.03? Predict away!