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ADORABLE! This Little Girl is Basically Elena Gilbert’s Mini-Me

We don’t know how The Vampire Diaries will wrap up just yet, but numerous fang fans are already doing their part to help give Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore a happily ever after — one that involves meaningful careers, domestic bliss, and a loving family — and we totally get why!

In case you missed all the chatter in the TVD community recently, 5-year-old Zara Fatima is a pint-sized model who has caught viewers eyes as the perfect choice for a Delena child. With her twinkling doe eyes, long dark hair, and vivacious personality, she’s basically a tiny Elena. And due to this uncanny resemblance, fans have already begun petitioning to have Zara cast as Damon and Elena’s daughter (in the event they end up having one by the time the series finale rolls around). Check out the show of support for the much-too-sweet Zara right below!

It seems that Zara’s parents are totally cool with the attention she has been receiving and have even started dressing her up some of Elena’s most memorable outfits just for kicks. Scroll down for a closer look, and get ready to melt!

1.) Bomber Jacket Realness

Caption: “So, this look was something fun we decided to put together because I’ve been receiving so many messages in regards to her slightly resembling a mini @ninadobrev or possible “Delena” child for @vampirediaries When I told her about it, she asked if she can dress as a vampire, but I thought this was a little more subtle.”

This little darling has seriously mastered Elena’s girl-next-door coolness!

2.) The Perfect Back-to-School Outfit

Caption: “Here is a second look from our @ninadobrev #ElenaGilbert #VampireDiaries inspired fashion shoot. This one is actually a realistic school or everyday look that Zara found very comfortable. She chose this look herself because she said it resembles her @oldnavy dress. Good choice little one! #TVDForever #TheVampireDiaries #TVD @thecw @thecwtvd @vampirediaries #OOTD #Delena”

3.) Decade Dance Vibes

Caption: “So much fun with this one. She cut earrings out of paper and made herself a scarf and belt (not pictured here) out of accessories in her own closet. For Halloween this year, try dressing up using items you already have. @ninadobrev #NinaDobrev #TVDForever #TVD @thecw @thecwtvd @julieplec @kevwilliamson”

Aw. Get a load of that warm, radiant smile – classic Elena!

4.) Talented Little Songbird

In her spare time, Fatima likes to strum on her tiny guitar and croon beautiful songs that have been featured in popular Delena scenes. For example? “Hunger” by Ross Copperman.

“Tonight’s cover comes per request for all of you sweet new followers,” her team captioned the spirited rendition below.

Would you like to see this little cutie show up in the TVD finale as Damon and Elena’s daughter? What are your hopes for Delena’s endgame? As always, we’d love for you to share your opinions in the comments below!