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The ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Trailer is Even Better With Delena

Fifty Shades Darker - Delena video


Brace yourselves, fang fans! If you’ve been experiencing Delena withdrawals for a while now, then this smoldering fan video will definitely give you goosebumps.

While The Vampire Diaries Season 7 was an action-packed, emotional roller-coaster ride and we relished every second of it, we have to admit something was missing. Watching Elena and Damon play out every sweet, dramatic, and blissful moment of their romance over the years has always been one of our favorite aspects of the show, and our love for that crazy (but oh-so-mesmerizing) relationship is just one of the reasons we are pumped for another hot and sexy thrill ride: Fifty Shades Darker. Apparently, we are not alone in our excitement and anticipation, because the talented genius known as TheDomiww on YouTube watched the trailer for the upcoming film, which is based on the book by E.L. James, and was inspired to create her own version starring a certain gorgeous TVD couple.

And who are we referring to, exactly? Why, Damon and Elena, of course– and it’s the most perfect mashup! This fan took memorable Delena dialogue, as well as unforgettable footage from the CW series (such as the masquerade ball), and edited them flawlessly into the newly released promo video for Fifty Shades Darker. The final product is as dark, seductive, and thrilling as you’d expect when you fuse Fifty Shades of Grey with the supernatural world of Mystic Falls.

Take a look at the aforementioned work of art right below!

Unable to view it? No worries; we’ve highlighted our favorite moments for you right below!

She creates the same sexual tension that ramps up throughout the original trailer for the movie (and obviously any time Elena and Damon appear on screen together).

She also knows how to keep the suspense going, choosing appropriate scenes to convey the dangerous, mysterious nature of the 50 Shades story. Seriously, try not to get the chills just watching Katherine stalk Elena to the beat of Miguel’s haunting cover of “Crazy in Love.”

The absolute best part, though? The swoonworthy stroll down Delena memory lane! It’s like seeing our old friends again after such an unbearably long time apart.

Seriously, look at how hot these two are and try not to get too worked up:

Everything about this fan creation is so on point. There’s even a cameo from Rebekah Mikaelson to fuel the tension and glamour!


What a treat — the perfect way to prepare ourselves for even more electrifying moments when The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiers on Friday, October 21 at 8:00 p.m. EDT on The CW!

On on that note, did you enjoy the video? Tell us all about your favorite fan art in a comment below!