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Vampire Diaries-Themed Diapers? Yep, They’re Real

'The Vampire Diaries' promotional cast photo

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It’s no secret that Vampire Diaries fans are some of the most dedicated ones of all the fandoms. They’ve stuck with the show every step of the way, established a special connection to the world of Mystic Falls, and over the past few years, have supported their favorite characters (and cast members) throughout their respective supernatural journeys.

Fang fans tend to express their appreciation for TVD in a variety of amazing ways and Rose Gilmore is no different. The talented viewer decided combine her creativity and love of the hit CW series to create Vampire Diaries-themed diapers. Yep, you read that right! We had the chance to chat with Rose over FB a couple of months ago and asked her all about what sparked this adorable idea and how she became obsessed with the show in the first place — and she was more than happy to provide us with some insight!

TVD diapers

Source: Facebook

Rose told us that she’s not new to the vampire craze and has, in fact, been a fan of the bloodsucking creatures since she was 5! “I have been into vampires since I was age 5 years old,” she told us in a Facebook comment. “All these other TV shows/movies were okay about vampires until Vampire Diaries came out.” As for what struck her about this series in particular, Rose says the raw emotions and relatable themes hooked her to all the drama. “The realness of the show. This show feels so real and, when you’re so into vampires, this is the most powerful show,” she said.

Like many TVD supporters, her favorite character is the devilishly handsome Damon, so if you’re reading this Ian Somerhalder, go ahead and grant her biggest wish! “My favorite character is Damon (the bad boy, sexy vampire who takes chances). [I] would love to meet him in person or a call from him would make my world and dream come true!”

If you’re looking to score some of Rose’s cute, eco-friendly TVD diapers, you may have to reach out to her HERE to get your hands on some. “I did make this,” she said when we asked her whether or not she made them herself or simply provided a local shop with a photo of Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder and asked them to whip some up. “My little boy wears this cloth diaper.” Aw!

Rose’s love of TVD doesn’t just stop at creating cloth nappies for her son either. “I love Vampires Diaries so much [that] I will be getting a tattoo back of my neck that says Vampire Diaries!”

Aw, now that’s what we call a fan through and through! How precious are these diapers? Have you produced any cool, custom-made TVD gear? Share it with us in a comment below!