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Bite-Sized Quips: Vampire Diaries Caption Contest for Episode 1.13, “Children of the Damned”

"Children of the Damned" - Ian Somerhalder as Damon, James Remar as Giuseppe, Paul Wesley as Stefan. Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Family photos are not that uncommon. In fact, they are pretty much standard—even for a couple of wealthy bachelors from the 1800s. And, as far as family photos go, this one of the handsome Salvatore men (Damon, Giuseppe, and Stefan) isn’t too shabby.

However, what’s up with their frilly clothes and serious posing? We know it’s partly due to the times but we’re at a loss of what to make of their too over-the-top look. FORGET what you already know about this moment from TVD episode 1.13, “Children of the Damned” and leave your most bloody brilliant caption for this family photo in the comments.

Our team of TVD experts will select the most L-M-A-O one and announce the winner next week.

(Find out who won the last caption contest HERE.)

*Update* Congrats to Taylor for the following frisky comment:

*Guiseppe, Damon and Stefan stare at Katherine petting a horse*

Damon: She’s so beautiful…
Stefan: Her brown hair is flawless…
Guiseppe: I would ride her all night long..
*Damon & Stefan stare at Guiseppe*
Guiseppe: I-I was talking about the horse! *blushes*