Exclusive: Interview with Vampire Diaries Starlet Malese Jow at the Teen Choice Awards

We caught up with Vampire Diaries’ actress Malese Jow at the Teen Choice Award, and she totally charmed us with her upbeat personality:

A. We’re envious of her amazing trip to France. (Malese was recently there for the Mystic Love Convention, along with fellow castmates Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and more.)
B. Her sing-song responses totally cracked us up. Malese is hi-LAR-ious!
C. And OMG—her character, Anna, is 100% ghost! (We heard rumors she was supposed to come back to life but as of now she’s a ghostie!)

So, what’s your take on the ghostly situation in Mystic Falls? Are you interested in seeing where the writers go with the storyline? Leave us your feedback in the comments!