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12 Exciting Spoilers About ‘The Originals’ Season 4

The Originals has a huge return prepared for fans when it returns to The CW in 2017 – it’s heading to time-jump land!

The Originals cast members tease season 4 at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

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The show’s stars — Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood and Riley Voelkel — were joined by executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci during their 2016 San Diego Comic-Con panel and they all had PLENTY of exciting season 4 scoop to share; the biggest of which was that the next time we meet up with our beloved characters, it will be five years later.

According to a new teaser trailer unveiled during their SDCC presentation on Saturday (July 23), little Hope Mikaelson isn’t much of a baby anymore. “Mom… Are we gonna go get my dad?” she’s heard asking her mom, Hayley. See for yourselves:

And for those of you who couldn’t attend this year’s festivities, don’t worry- we still have tons of great spoilers and tidbits for you to sink your teeth into. Scroll on down!

1.) Julie Plec on the season 4 premiere being shifted to midseason

The CW

The CW

“When they shifted the air date, it actually gave us the freedom, weirdly, to shift the timeline in our favor so that we could have more time pass in The Originals between seasons than The Vampire Diaries,” the show’s executive producer told TVLine. “So we get to add an extra couple years on to our time lapse between seasons. It’s actually a good thing. It’s positive to not have to worry about being side by side.”

2.) On this year's overarching theme

The show’s bosses teased that season four will be an interesting combo of dark biblical themes with a touch of Stephen King tossed in the mix.

3.) What will a 7-year-old Hope be like?

Hope and Hayley in The Originals Season 4

The CW

“She was two years old when we left her … and she’s now a little person,” Narducci said of Hope post time-jump. “She’s got dialogue and hopes and dreams, and she misses her dad and understands her family has suffered a great loss. … Hayley’s a great mom.”

“I’m excited to see what kind of personality this little girl has,” Phoebe Tonkin teased in an interview with TV Line. “Even though she hasn’t been around her dad for the last five years, I think there’s a lot of Klaus in her — good or bad — and I’m excited to see that in this little powerful witch.”

As for Klaus’s interactions with Hope? “There’s a lot of anger in Klaus because of what happened to Cami and he’s reminded of that early on in the season,” Joseph stated in a recent interview. “But once he wakes up from his sleep, his anguish for his daughter returns. I think he’ll be really, really nervous to meet her.”

(Psst. Head over HERE to meet the talented actress who has been cast to play the older version of Klaus and Hayley’s mighty little daughter!)

4.) On What's Ahead for Haley When 'The Originals' Returns

The CW

The CW

“Hayley’s journey to save everyone will require her to “locate the seven werewolf packs … so she has a very difficult journey ahead of her,” Narducci said.

It also sounds as though she’ll be getting in touch with her innate wolf-y qualities again. “She has to explore the werewolf side that’s going to connect her to those packs.”

Phoebe Tonkin adds, “When we met Hayley, all she ever wanted was family. Through the events that happened, she created a family on her own with her daughter. I don’t think she feels alone — one, because she has five bodies in the back of her car — and because she has a purpose, a family-driven purpose.”

That being said, with a potential cure in the form of bisexual werewolf Keelin (Christina Moses), as well as a connection to the seven werewolf packs, Hayley might actually succeed with her mission to save the Mikaelsons.

5.) Does Haylijah's Romance Stand a Chance?


“With Hayley and Elijah, we felt they’d gotten to dance around each other early on, then become terribly separated, emotionally and physically,” Plec explained. “Knowing this family was going to be split apart for the next five years, giving them the opportunity to [get together one more time] felt right. … Time will tell how much happiness they’re able to have — or not have.”

6.) Will Klaus Get a Love Interest This Year?

While Klaus will continue to mourn Cami’s loss, Plec revealed that she does, in fact, have “ambiguous” plans set for Klaus in the romantic department, and that they may or may not include a certain TVD character.

7.) On the decision to kill off Davina and Cami

“It’s a hard thing to explain,” Plec began. “You start to feel a redundancy of heroes. If you continue down a certain storyline, you’ll end up taking people in a direction that will isolate them. You get the urge to mix things up and to make things very tragic … so that you can always feel fresh, and you don’t have nine people telling the same story.” She added, “We needed to pull the family as tightly together as possible, and excise some of the characters who might conflict with [that plan].”

As for Joseph Morgan, he was sad to see costar Leah Pipes go. “It was emotional,” he confessed, in reference to the last episode he shot with her. “She’d been a part of the show for three years. It was surreal, though. Until she was gone, I didn’t think she was going.”

The CW

The CW

That being said, although they are gone, Plec told TVLine that Leah and Danielle might make appearances in season 4.

8.) Is Marcel Gerard The Show's New Big Bad?

“I don’t think Marcel is a villain,” Narducci pointed out. “I don’t think he’s wrong.” He continued, “We’ll have to see if there’s anything in the world that might be able to mend these fences.”

As of now, Marcel doesn’t have many friends left in NOLA, with the exception of Josh and a vampire named Sofya (played by Taylor Cole). According to Charles Michael Davis, his character will be focused on rebuilding his NOLA kingdom and mending alliances, as well as dating in between.

9.) On The Latest Big Bad

So, who will be wreaking havoc in NOLA when season 4 begins? Based on recent teasers, whoever/whatever it is is downright evil and poses a threat not just to Hope but to the entire supernatural community of New Orleans. TV Guide reports this entity is malicious and terrifying, and completely at ease with harming innocent lives along the way.

“I think one thing that all of our characters would be able to get behind is a threat to Hope and to the other children of New Orleans,” Narducci hinted. “New Orleans-born witches, New Orleans-born werewolves, New Orleans-born people, there’s something that’s happening to them. When the Mikaelsons and Marcel find out about that, they’re all going to have to come together in a pretty interesting way.”

Adds Yusuf Gatewood, “I feel like this big bad is going to be one of the most interesting that we’ve had in the series so far.” He went on to describe the villain as “an icky, unctuous, miasmic, old evil.”

10.) On Freya's Journey

We will be seeing Claire Holt back in action as Rebekah, but what about the Mikaelson’s other sister, Freya? According to Voelkel, her character will be busy trying to save her family. She would like to see have some fun — or at least a love interest — but right now Freya is focused on escaping the Chambre de Chasse and helping her siblings face their seemingly endless stream of enemies. (Viewers may be seeing a more sadistic side to her as she tries to protect her family.) She also teased the possibility of Freya mentoring a much older Hope as the little witch explores her powers and how to control them.

11.) What's in Store for Vincent in Season 4?

While they didn’t give away too much information about the powerful character’s upcoming journey, the EPs did confirm that viewers will “absolutely learn more about Vincent’s backstory.” Apparently Vincent is going to team up with Marcel when the new villain hits up NOLA and makes the witch his first target.

“Though Vincent doesn’t like Marcel, there’s definitely a respect that’s there, and they both understand that this is a city that belongs to both of them,” Yusuf told Hypable, “and we’re the only people I think who’re going to be able to protect it from threats within and outside. I think it’s more of a realization that in order to protect what I actually love, I have to work with people that I don’t.”

Thankfully it’s not all stress and danger for poor Vincent — he’s finally getting a love interest after losing his wife, Eva Sinclair! “There might be new witches in the picture that might provide a love interest for Vincent,” Gatewood teased.

12.) Oh, and Here's a Bonus Video of Joseph and Daniel's Adorable Bromance

Enjoy the post-panel interview below!

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*The Originals returns to The CW in 2017.*