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Meet the Actress Playing Hope Mikaelson in ‘The Originals’ Season 4

Hope Mikaelson

The CW

How quickly they grow up! The last time we saw Hope Mikaelson she was but an quiet little toddler who had just begun walking, rocked the occasional cupcake-print band-aid on her forehead, and fled dangerous scenarios while strapped in a car seat. Now? Thanks to a five-year time jump in The Originals Season 4 she’s a chatty 7-year-old child with mega powers and lots of questions — particularly about her father, who’s currently trapped and incapacitated in Marcel Gerard’s garden of desiccated vampires.

“Mom, are we going to get my dad?” she’s heard asking her mother in a special trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Check it out:

“She was two years old when we left her … and she’s now a little person,” executive producer Michael Narducci revealed during a Q&A panel at SDCC. “She’s got dialogue and hopes and dreams, and she misses her dad and understands her family has suffered a great loss. Hayley’s a great mom.”

And although we’ve enjoyed watching twins Charlie and Blake, the adorable actresses who portrayed Klaus and Hayley’s baby daughter these past few years, grow up on our screens, we can’t wait to see what surprises the older version of this character has in store for everyone. On that note, let’s put our hands together and give a warm welcome to…drumroll pleaseSummer Fontana!



The talented starlet, who has appeared in films such as Auntie, Basic Witches, and The Seers, recently began shooting scenes in preparation for season 4 and is already garnering praise from her super impressed costars.

“I’m excited to see what kind of personality this little girl has,” Phoebe Tonkin teased in an interview with TV Line. “Even though she hasn’t been around her dad for the last five years, I think there’s a lot of Klaus in her — good or bad — and I’m excited to see that in this little powerful witch.”

WHOA! Who else got chills from the last part of that quote? Hope may be small, but she’s definitely mighty — much like her powerful parents — and we can’t wait to catch Summer in action as the young Mikaelson when The Originals returns to The CW in 2017!

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