13 Times ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Soundtrack Was Spot On

One of the best parts about The Vampire Diaries — aside from its delicious twists and romantic moments — is discovering new artists and amazing tracks every episode. From Ed Sheeran to Birdy, the show is full of beautiful, unforgettable music moments! Just when you think it couldn’t be any more perfect, BAM –  the soundtrack hits you right in the feels like a pile of bricks. That being said, here’s a list of my personal favorite songs that took their coinciding TVD scenes to new emotional heights and continue to move me.

"Death" by White Lies (Season 1 Episode 1)

After being pretty mesmerized by the mysterious and smoking not new guy in Mystic Falls, Elena decides to invite Stefan to the annual back-to-school bonfire. Stefan shows up at the party and the two notice each other. As they approach each other, you can hear the lead singer of White Lies croons, “I can feel my heart beating as I speed by,” from their song “Death.” You can tell by how cautiously they step toward one another that they are both nervous and excited just to be near each other. It’s a spot-on illustration of what it feels like to see your crush.

"Family" by Noah Gunderson (Season 4, Episode 15)

After losing Jeremy supernatural forces, Elena shuts off her humanity and burns down her house. Her life is plagued by pain and grief and she decides to let it go up in smoke…literally. “What if this is all over you want to come home again?” Stefan points out, trying to reason with her. She simply stares at him and coldly utters, “I won’t.” She drops the match and then, flanked by the Salvatore brothers, she exits the house. As the camera pans in on her burning diary, “Am I just a spark?” is heard in the background.

"All I Need" by Within Temptation (Season 1 Episode 19)

Damon saves the day when Stefan doesn’t show up for the Miss Mystic Falls ball. Elena is upset at first but then smiles sweetly as the words “All my agony fades away when I’m in your embrace” from Within Temptation’s “All I Need” plays. Elena and Damon hold on to each other for the first time and it is clear that there is more than just friendship here. In that moment Damon has saved Elena from embarrassment at the ball and is easing the pain of being ditched by Stefan. If anyone looked at me the way Damon looks at Elena in that scene, I’d forget all about my other hot vampire boyfriend in an instant.

"I Need to Know" by Kris Allen (Season 2 Episode 5)

Stefan and Elena are discussing whether or not Stefan can control his blood lust and the mournful voice of Kris Allen repeats “I need to know” over and over through the scene. “It’s you and me, Stefan,” Elena says as she cuts her palm wide open and holds it out in front of him so that can feed. “Always.” It’s heartbreaking to see our favorite vamp struggle with his inner demons and this song makes you feel the same desperation as the characters on screen.

"Dauðalogn" by Sigur Ros (Season 3 Episode 22)

So many things go wrong in this episode and the results are literally life and death. After Rebekah causes Matt to veer his truck off the road and into the lake beneath Wicker Bridge, Elena and Matt find themselves trapped. Just when you think the situation can’t get any worse, we see Alaric collapse into Damon’s arms in the middle of their fight since his life is linked to Elena’s and so when she drowns, he dies as well. Sigur Ros’s haunting track plays over everything: Stefan fulfilling Elena’s wishes by saving Matt; Elena drowning; flashbacks to when Elena’s parents died; Damon breaking down upon the realization that he lost the love of his life along with his best friend. Chances are you don’t understand the lyrics (they’re in Hungarian), but you know they’re probably as devastating as all the mournful events that have transpired.

"Belong" by Cary Brothers (Season 4 Episode 23)

“I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon. I love you.” Wow, talk about a watershed moment! Elena and Damon are, once again, acknowledging that while they don’t make sense on paper, it doesn’t matter because the heart wants what the heart wants; they’re in love and they’re done fighting it; and no song better captures the passion they feel in this moment than “Belong” by Cary Brothers. The powerful track plays as the two finally just give into their hunger and longing and allow their epic romance to set sail. What makes this music scene even more powerful is seeing Stefan’s heartbreaking reaction to hearing Elena declare her love for his brother because it proves that nothing is ever simple when it comes to matters of the heart.

"My Love" by Joshua Radin (Season 5 Episode 8)

Bonnie is recently back from the Other Side and all she wants to do is spend some quality time with her hunky boyfriend, Jeremy Gilbert. They share a sweet and sexy moment (before being interrupted by a Jesse in his ghostly form) while the soundtrack sums it all up. Joshua Radin’s goosebump-inducing song starts off quiet and then builds when Jeremy enters the room to see Bonnie lighting candles for a romantic evening. You hear “My, my love. I’ve been without you too long,” as Jeremy walks up behind Bonnie and wraps his strong hunter arms around her. These two have had a more than rocky relationship and anytime we get to see them bask in happiness is great.

"Fire Breather" by Laurel (Season 5 Episode 16)

Damon and Elena have had just about enough of each other at this point. They wholeheartedly agree they are terrible for each other and decide to break up, only to end up ripping each other’s clothes off as Laurel sings “No, it’s too much, burn my sun. Up in flames we go, you fire breather. Ash and dust on my door. Smoke rise, trying to survive inside your arms.” Only three words can sum this up: HOT AS HELL> Never has it been clearer that despite their differences, these two lovebirds can’t resist each other.

"Colour Me In" by Damien Rice (Season 6 Episode 14)

A lot of people who haven’t watched TVD tend to dismiss it a show about sexy vampires with zero substance. But how wrong they are! This series is as much about family as it is supernatural drama and this tearjerker scene between Caroline and her mother, Liz Forbes, proves so. After Stefan gently shows Caroline how to enter her comatose mom’s mind, the Forbes women meet up in Liz’s memory of the day she taught Care Bear how to ride a bike and the two share a heart-wrenching farewell.

"Light a Fire" by Rachel Taylor (Season 6 Episode 1)

In the wake of Damon’s death, Elena turns to witchy herbs so she can hallucinate his presence. After almost killing a girl, then allowing her escape into Mystic Falls, she realizes she has a problem and needs to stop. She consumes the herbal potion one more time and tries to say goodbye to Damon but her subconscious won’t let her feel the pain of losing her true love. As she crumples to the ground we hear Rachel Taylor sound like she’s almost crying as she sings, “Keep your bright eyes looking up to the sky now. Chin up, be proud. Walk strong like a soldier onto the battleground. Breathe in, breathe out.” You feel Elena’s heartache and you know exactly how hard this is for her because you’re going through it right there with her.

"Girl Crush" by New Politics (Season 7 Episode 5)


As we cut to Stefan driving with Valerie after seeing each other for the first time in a century, the lyrics “I still can’t get over the sex we had” blare in the background. It’s pretty clear that their brief romance meant a lot to both of them prior to this converstaion. The way they look at each other, along with the heartfelt lyrics, make it obvious that there is quite a bit of unfinished business between these two.

Birdy's cover of "Skinny Love" (Season 2 Episode 21)

No track better captures the lugubrious mood each of our Mystic Falls faves is in after burying both Jenna and John.” Who will love you?
Who will fight? And who will fall far behind?” Cue the tears!

Please note that these are the particular songs that resonated with me and not the end all be all; I understand they are so many more wonderful songs to add to this list and would love to hear your feedback. If you’re not too busy sobbing, or making your own TVD playlist, don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite Vampire Diaries music moment!

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