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TVD Fan Bites: “As I Lay Dying”

Photo Credit: The CW

Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries ended on a high note–leaving us aghast, bewildered and, in typical TVD fashion, yearning for more. We searched the blogosphere to see what other fans are saying about the mind-blowing finale and we found a lot of  strong reactions.

Here are some of our fave bloggers comments about “As I Lay Dying“:

  1. Priscilla at Klaus kills his brother. Okay now, who didn’t see this coming? We totally did and it was pretty obvs considering the type of thing person Klaus is. It was true that Klaus had killed their entire family although he lies to try to save himself. Elijah, we hate to say it, but we told you so!
  2. Jenny at Forever Young Adult: “Meanwhile Stefan is on the floor with a tummy ache, bloated from all the blood Capri Sun’s Klaus is making him drink.  Poor Stefan. I don’t know if he built up this much resistance.  Klaus wants him to agree to leave town with him to save Damon, and Stefan grabs another blood Capri Sun in answer.  Klaus gives the blood-cure vial to Katherine and tells her she can leave.”
  3. Julie at TV Recappers Anonymous: “Just as Alaric DIDN’T miss that cheeseball Skype exchange between Jeremy and Bonnie, Katherine CLEARLY did not miss the intense looks shared by Damon and Elena on Damon’s BED, when she arrived.  Katherine fills Damon and Elena in on Stefan’s deal with Klaus, making sure to add insult to injury, by telling Elena, “He sacrificed everything to save his brother . . . even you.”
  4. Amanda at You Know You Love Fashion: Our New Pickup Line Here at YKYLFAsking cute boys to help us with our knotted corset strings will get them every time.
  5. Meg at The Two Cents: “Damon skips over Denial, Anger, and Bargaining and goes straight to Depression (to be fair, I don’t think the Kubler-Ross methodology was designed for the undead). He slips off his protective ring and gingerly steps into the sunlight. I couldn’t tell if he was genuinely trying to end himself—because that would be so like Damon, to insist on going out with a sizzle, instead of an undignified whimper—or if he was just trying to feel something. Before his skin starts looking like my Saturday morning bacon, Damon is tackled to the ground by Stefan.”

If you had to describe “As I Lay Dying” in only three  words, what would they be?