Songs from The Vampire Diaries Episode 7×21: “Requiem for a Dream”

music from The Vampire Diaries episode 7x21: Requiem for a Dream

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In search of some amazing tunes to add to your everyday playlist? Then look no further than the full soundtrack for The Vampire Diaries episode 7×21. Between the edgy rock tracks and the heart-rendering melodies, “Requiem for a Dream” was packed with many unforgettable music moments. Scroll down to hear them for yourselves!

"Tall Glass Church" by Western Lows

This track plays when Damon calls up Stefan and urges him to check his messages more often.

Download it HERE!

"Anyways" by The Starting Line

This upbeat songs plays when Bonnie finds herself in the “fantasy” Enzo created for her in her subconscious. We see at her back at Mystic Falls High rocking her old cheerleader uniform and taking down a pair of bloodsucking stoner vamps.

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"Damn Gravity" by Okay Kaya

This haunting melody starts to stream as Caroline lets her guard down for a second and tells Stefan he is right about how her home in Dallas is longer a safe place for her. He in turn reveals why he left her in the first place and admits he has never stopped loving her. Cue the aws! 

"Fragile (feat. wrenn)" by gnash

This poignant tune plays when Caroline calls up her 3-year-old daughters, Josie and Lizzie, to let them know them she’ll be gone for a while. Ric, who’s amazingly understanding of his fiancee’s dangerous predicament, tells her he loves and urges her to stay safe and hurry home when this nightmare is all over.

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"I Think It's Going To Rain Today" by Tom Odell

This breathtaking composition plays when Stefan asks Caroline if she truly loves Ric. She grows quiet; for some reason, his simple question stumps her and she urges him to ask her anything else but that.

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"Odds of Even" by Marilyn Manson

This wickedly good track plays towards the end of the evening, when Enzo approaches Damon with some promising news: He’s found the shaman who turned Bonnie into a ruthless, vampire-killing machine and by cutting the link between her and the Everlasting they may be able to save her and themselves. So what does this entail, exactly? Returning to the Armory. ::Gulp::

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What’s your favorite song from this week’s TVD playlist, fang fans? Sound off in the comments!