12 Foolproof Ways To Kill A Vampire (According To Hollywood)

Damon kills poor Lexi in The Vampire Diaries Season 1

Leave Lexi alone, Damon! :*(

Vampire slaying is serious business, fang fans: It’s literally a life or death (or life or undeath, if you want to get technical) situation. There’s very little room for error; you can’t mess around when it comes to wiping bloodsucking supernatural creatures off the face of this earth!

Still, you don’t have to be Van Helsing, Buffy Summers, or Rayna Cruz to do it well. Here are a few surefire ways to keep yourself safe from these ravenous, dangerous night walkers.

1. Serve garlic.
Not only will this send a vampire into anaphylactic shock, per Blade, but it’s also delicious. Make yourself lunch and share, or add some to your trusty can of pepper spray that you keep handy for mortal creeps. Easy!

2. A wooden stake through the heart.
If you’re worried about the effectiveness, work on your upper body strength. Make sure you can plunge it deep enough!

3. Become a werewolf.
If it can work for Van Helsing, it can work for you, right?

4. Get a crossbow.
Blade knows what he’s doing. Bonus? You can reuse your ammo.

5. Lead them into sunlight.
Insist on going outdoors. Stall them to stay there as long as you can until dawn.

6. A good old-fashioned beheading.
Difficult? Yes. But foolproof!

7. Silver.
Let’s be real, if you wield any kind of sword properly, you’re going to do some serious damage. That said, silver will make whatever weapon you have even more effective.

8. Holy water!
Have vials of it handy. Wield them like grenades or splash at your discretion.

9. And if you don’t have any on hand, grow your very own vervain!

The CW

The CW

Slip this toxic-to-vampires herb into their water, blood bags, and/or vintage bottles of bourbon.

10. Wield a crucifix.
The vampire may try to flee from it. Use that to buy yourself some time to find another weapon … or use it to burn their flesh directly.

11. Rip out their hearts like the total badass you are.

It helps if you have supernatural strength or access to some heavy-duty weaponry that can pierce their cold, rock-hard chests. If not, however, please avoid this method at all costs.

12. Burn, baby, burn.
When in doubt, try arson.

Which of these methods does your kickass slayer self prefer? Did we forget to include any? Pipe up in a comment below!