12 Reasons You Should Never Ever Ghost Someone


Have you ever just disappeared on a person you once cared for? You know, stopped showing up, texting, calling, blocked her/him from FB, unfollowed on Instagram — with no explanation, warning, or closure whatsoever? (You know, sort of like what Katherine Pierce did to the Salvatore brothers after she turned them and then faked her death.) Then please know that you’re inconsiderate and that ghosting is for cowards. Here are the biggest reasons why you should never do it (or tolerate anyone who does).

1. Chances are you’re going to bump into this person again eventually.
And when you do, it’s going to be more awkward than it needs to be.

2. It’s better to rip off the Bandaid and let them cry it out and move on with their lives.
Dragging it out hurts more and hurts for a longer stretch of time. Have mercy!

3. You’ll get them out of your hair faster if you’re honest.
Be polite, but firm.

4. Ghosting is insanely hurtful.
It may seem convenient for you to just let it fizzle without any explanation, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

5. It shows a lack of compassion.
Are you an emotionless robot? No? Then don’t act like one.

6. If you don’t give a clear message, you’re going to baffle the other person.
Not everyone understands that “no answer” actually is an answer. Don’t send mixed messages by sending no messages.

7. Ghosting means they may lurk you online to figure out what the heck you’re up to.
Don’t enable that behavior. It’s not healthy for either of you!

8. You’re never too busy for a text message or a phone call.
Even if you have to explain yourself while you’re peeing, on a treadmill, or doing your nails, just do it. It doesn’t need be a long, time-consuming conversation.

9. It’s disrespectful.
If you’re ghosting someone, you’re being really, really impolite.

10. They won’t leave you alone.

11. You’ll screw up their cell phone plan.
Denial is a strong thing. They’re going to wonder if their 4G is malfunctioning if you never respond to anything.

12. You may need a favor from them someday.
And when you do, you’re a lot more likely to get what you want if you’re respectful, courteous and gracious than if you pulled a Houdini.

Do you agree or disagree with the act of “ghosting”? Do you know anyone who has broken up with someone in such a way? Share your story in a comment!